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Shoshana Yavneh Shattenkirk (Shoshi) is an interdisciplinary composer, singer-songwriter, and pianist based in New York City, with roots in New Orleans, Tampa, FL, Michigan, and Northern California.


A former stock analyst, her music has been performed at venues including Lincoln Center, The BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, The Dramatists Guild Foundation, Musical Theatre Factory, The Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, The US Mint, The University of South Florida, Maison in New Orleans, The St Cecilia Music Society, Loyola University New Orleans, Times Square, the Dallas Symphony's Myerson Hall, The Ferguson Center for the Arts, and others.


Born into a family of creatives, she studied piano from age 4, as well as harp, viola, and steel drums as a child. Her father is the composer Ray Shattenkirk. Her first musical composition, written at age 6, placed in the Florida Reflections Competition. By age 10, she had given hundreds of recitals and placed in or won several concerto competitions. She had also danced with several renowned ballet companies including Miami City Ballet and Moscow Ballet.


Shoshana attended Interlochen Arts Camp for classical piano (won division wide piano award), dance, voice, and theatre.

She performed in musicals from age 4 throughout high school, and sang in choirs from age 4 through college. She is also an accomplished collaborative pianist and was a pianist for the Loyola Ballet throughout college. She is still an active dancer and has also choreographed.

Shoshana draws inspiration and insights from her interests and accomplishments outside of the performing arts to fuel her creative work.

Shoshana majored in languages and cultures in undergrad at Loyola University New Orleans, with a concentration in Latin American Studies, and a minor in music (piano performance and music composition). She took courses in international business as well. She served as treasurer, pianist, and social chair for the Theta Psi chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, the women's music fraternity. She was also the Vice President of Sigma Delta Pi, the national collegiate Hispanic Honors Society. Her senior capstone project explored the music of Antônio Carlos Jobim. She spent a summer in Northern Ireland studying the Protestant-Catholic conflict, and she also spent a summer in Peru volunteering at the Hogar Fransisco De Asis. She has been an Au Pair in both Spain and Germany, and she has also interned at Mount Sinai, The Byrd Alzheimer's Center and Research Institute, and Moffitt Cancer Research Center.


She attended Columbia University's Postbaccalaureate Premedical program and then worked on Wall Street, first as a medical and life sciences stock analyst, and then in investor relations for a firm specializing in both medical/life sciences companies and Latin American companies. Though she hoped to be able to write music on the side, she knew ultimately that she would have to make a choice, and decided she was ready to become a full time creative in late 2017.


Since turning to her professional creative roots, she has been commissioned to write for musical theatre, classical, commercial, and liturgical projects. She is in the advanced BMI Lehman Engel workshop, a program widely regarded as the the premier training ground for Musical Theatre songwriters.

Shoshana is a proud member of The Dramatists Guild StateraArts., and Maestra and is an avid dance pianist, currently on staff at Barnard.

Shoshana is also grateful to serve on the Young Alumni Board of Loyola University New Orleans.







January 27 2023 (LINK BELOW)

I will be singing a version of the Hashkiveinu (Jewish prayer for peace), with this version's music composed by me, at the United Nations.


March 10 2023

Students from the university will be performing songs from my catelogue as well as four other fabulous writing teams




April 2023

I recently had the honor of writing ---> Chameleon Energy (Clicktolistennnnn) <-------For Jayke Workman (if you don't know him/them already you will soon) with the fabulous Rob Berliner

Click ----> here <--- for my music "calling card" aka a smattering of some of my favorite songs (piano and voice)

Some Recent Media and Selected Upcoming: 


View Press Release for: A Note of Explanation - A Magical Adventure (written with AJ Freeman) Live at Lincoln Center - June 29th at 11:30AM

RSVP! via FaceBook here

(free - sponsored by Summer for the City -, just show up! - stay tuned for an announcement about a livestream)

View Feature in Mommy Poppins! for A Note of Explanation


Watch excerpts from Clara - Live with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thank you for visiting and for your support :)

**Update! I received a grant to go rework this show in December in Baden-Baden, Germany. Stay tuned for more!**


Interview with NPR's Rebecca Weinstein of Virginia Public Radio For CLARA 

Listen to: Music Lives in You - By Shoshana Shattenkirk and Clara Schumann

Dallas Symphony Women In Classical Music Symposium 2021Schedule (November 2021)


Click ----> here <--- for Hustlers The Musical First Demos: Be Sure to Listen to the Last Song "Hurricanes":

   "What outstanding work! The styles of music are perfectly suited, the accompaniments are powerful and the melodies are memorable. The lyrics are excellent as well." -Broadway/FilmOrchestrator

"Adventuresome, multifaceted, memorable. Musical, witty, doesn't try too hard, confident." -5-time Grammy Award winning Producer

"Congratulations on a spectacular showcase. I was blown away by your interpretation of "Hustlers". I could already get a sense of the character nuance of your complicated female protagonists and the opening number is air-tight. Also, "Hurricanes" needs to circulate and be sung everywhere." -Broadway Director-Choreographer

"I'm very impressed by the songs" -Broadway Music Director and Conductor

   Click ----> here <---- for Hashkiveinu (Jewish prayer for piece

     "In response to the current pandemic, Shoshana Yavneh Shattenkirk composed this breathtakingly beautiful setting of the Hashkiveinu prayer." -Cantor, Touro Synagogue


In development: 

A Note of Explanation (With AJ Freeman) - Premiering of abridged version at Lincoln Center on June 29th at 11:30am

CLARA ; Light, Brilliance

-Stay tuned for an announcement about a world premiere

-Developed at The Ferguson Center for the Arts, The Dramatists Guild Foundation, The Dallas Symphony's Myerson Center

-The project will be developed in Germany in summer and winter 2022 including at the Brahms House

Eyes Wide Open (with Emily Moore). (Reading at Lincoln Center, 2019; Reading at The Dramatists Guild Foundation, 2019)

Fever Dreams (with Kara Cutruzzula, Justin Schwartz, and Ilana Ransom Toeplitz)

Click ----> here <---- for Fever Dreams Part One (Abridged draft)


Fever Dreams Abridged Part One Publicity via Loyola University New Orleans

"LAS alumna Shoshana Shattenkirk is writing the music for her musical, "Fever Dreams," which is about pandemics and started as part of an invitation from the New York Public Library to create musicals based on materials in its archives. Shattenkirk collaborated with a lyricist and book writer to create the musical based on the correspondence of a doctor during the Yellow Fever pandemic of 1798. A draft of the first portion of the musical was performed virtually and is on The New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center website."

Fear of Dancing (with Ken Threet and Susan Gordon Clark; Stygian Hour Productions, and Enrique Cruz DeJesus). (Reading at the Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company, 2019)

Hustlers: The Musical (with Rachel Sklar)

Exorcise: A theatrical pop-folk album about uncovering our inner shadows, processing them and releasing them

The Philosopher of Love: A ten minute musical with a modern take on Plato's Symposium (with Dorie Clark) (Workshop at The BMI Musical Theatre Workshop, 2019)

Homeland: Part Concerto, Part Ballet, Part Social Justice Call. A hybrid classical-ballet-theatrical work exploring the idea of home and diaspora across time and place.

-Stay tuned for an announcement about a premiere and commissioning info

Untitled dance accompaniment album

Untitled set of choral pieces for the Anne Frank House and Center For Mutual Respect

Music for Canine Heroes (with Lynn Millspaugh)

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John Snyder:

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